Intitiatives & Scholarships

Manny Correa Youth Speakers Fund

The Manny Correia Youth Speaker’s Fund was established in 2012 by Tom Harvey in honor of his husband Manny Correia’s 50th birthday. The fund is now an on-going grant that helps finance the stipends paid to LGBTQ youth and young adults participating in various presentations, training sessions, and programs on behalf of Greater Boston PFLAG. Click here to read more about the Manny Corriea Youth Speakers Fund.

National PFLAG Scholarships

PFLAG National also awards annual scholarships, although they are presently on hiatus. Learn More

FLAG’S FLAG Football Scholarship

FLAG Football League for the LGBTQ and Ally Community also offers an annual scholarship. The scholarship winner is highlighted at Greater Boston PFLAG’s annual Pride & Passion event. Learn More

***Students may apply for National PFLAG, FLAG Flag Football, and Greater Boston PFLAG scholarships and are eligible to win more than one.