No matter where you are with supporting your child, our volunteers are standing by.

This is a safe and confidential helpline with trained volunteers ready to listen, offer support, and provide resources. When you call this number you will leave a voicemail and receive a call back shortly from someone who is ready to help you. Whatever information you share will be confidential.


It is so easy. Just call this number and leave a voicemail letting us know:

  • Your name – required
  • Your email – required
  • The best number to contact you – required
  • Briefly what you are seeking support about (optional)
  • The best time to call you back
  • If we can tell whoever picks up/ or leave a message saying that we are with Greater Boston PFLAG’s Helpline

Then you will receive a call back within 24 Hours. The number that calls you back will show up as “Private Number.”


Other ways to reach the helpline

If you’d rather not call, you can also email the same information to Either way you will still receive a response within 24 hours.