After the death of Livingston Pangburn, son of a parent in PFLAG’s support group for parents of transgender children, parents wanted to honor Livingston in a meaningful and lasting way.  This outpouring of support resulted in starting the Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP); a Greater Boston PFLAG initiative.



Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP) Vision Statement

To honor Livingston Pangburn who, in his young life, reached the goal of not only being a self-assured, happy, strong and healthy individual, but also gave back to others, we seek to give support to those who are least likely to receive it.  It takes a village to raise a child, but for transgender children, their families and caregivers, that village must include health and legal information and services, peer groups, and other supports that target their specific needs.

The vision of the Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP) is to increase access to information, services and support for ALL transgender young people and their families regardless of socio-economic and educational status; ethnic, racial and religious identity; or geographic location.  We recognize that these factors influence access in two ways: by mediating the amount of resources available and the likelihood of accessing those resources.  This awareness guides our focus in partnering with other LBGTQQ-supportive organizations to both increase services available and reach out to underserved, disenfranchised transgender youth and their families.


Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP) Funding Initiatives

Thus far, TAP has identified and helped fund the BodyImage4Justice initiative which is cosponsored by the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition of Boston.  BodyImage4Justice promotes positive self-image and self-esteem through yoga, fitness training and nutritional education for young trans* people in Boston.  With TAP support, gym memberships, workshop fees and supplies will be given to transgender young people who couldn’t otherwise afford these health-building and self-affirming services. With continued support, TAP will continue funding those who give access to critical services to transgender youth and their families.

Mission Statement of the Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP)

Over the next 3 years The Livingston Pangburn Transgender Access Partnership (TAP) seeks to:

  • Raise funds to support new and ongoing work that increases services available to and used by transgender youth, their families, guardians and caregivers within traditionally underserved or disenfranchised communities.
  • Partner with organizations, individuals and initiatives who support transgender youth and their families to increase the number, type and availability of services for underserved transgender youth and their families, guardians and caregivers. We envision partnerships with, but not limited to, schools, churches, community organizations, health providers, health centers, legal services providers, LBGTQQ advocacy and support groups.