Training and Workshops

We are here for you when it comes to creating a more inclusive environment at your school, workplace, healthcare setting, conference, or community. And the best part about our Safe Schools and Communities Program is that it’s a customizable model. We’ll assess your needs and develop a program especially for you with the aim of creating long term sustainable support for your community. That way when you are done working with us you will have what you need to continue on with amazing inclusive practices and policies.


If you would like set up a training:

Email us at with what you are generally looking for and we’ll set up a call to get the process underway.


The presenters were well trained and adept at answering questions and addressing concerns. After each workshop PFLAG presenters met with members of the school staff to debrief, so that they could incorporate any improvements for the next workshop. They also brought a wealth of resources such as informational pamphlets and stickers. Teachers left the workshop with a sense of purpose, a foundation of knowledge and immediate action items for their classrooms. The program packed a wallop!

-Middle School Teacher

The format of the panel worked really well for us and hearing of the individual’s different personal stories was heartfelt and genuine and really touched those of us in the audience. I was impressed by the courage of all speakers to share their story so candidly with us, particularly the youngest of the panel! It helped the participants of our program to understand what some of the struggles can be for people questioning their gender identity. We absolutely look forward to having PFLAG present for us in the future.

-Mental Health Agency