Parent, Caregiver and Family Support

Family and community love and acceptance are key to building a world in which LGBTQ+ individuals are safe, supported, included, and free to succeed and thrive in all areas of their lives.

Our Community-Focused Support Groups are open to everyone! Our helpline, one-to-one, and Parent & Caregiver-Focused Support Groups are specifically geared towards family, caregivers, and other loved ones. 

Whether your child just came out, you have questions about your child’s gender identity, want to learn what more you can do to advocate for your child, or you just want someone to talk to, we are here to meet you wherever you are and help you in supporting your loved one.

Our support programs have helped hundreds of parents with their questions and concerns. Family support has been linked to helping with your child’s physical and mental health. 

Learn more about our three programs and what might work best for you:



This is a safe and confidential helpline with trained volunteers ready to listen, offer support, and provide resources. When you call this number you will leave a voicemail and receive a call back shortly from someone who is ready to help. Click to read more…

Support Groups

Our 15+ support groups are safe and welcoming spaces where you can meet with other people who are also supporting LGBTQ+ people in their lives – and you can attend any and all groups that are the right fit for you. These groups meet once or twice a month, are run by trained volunteers (most of whom are parents themselves), and filled with people who can offer support, answer questions, and link you to resources. Click to read more…

1 to 1 Program

Want to meet a parent or caregiver that has experience supporting a child with a similar identity? Want someone to explain what worked for them as a caregiver, how they worked with their school, hospital, insurance, or extended family to support their child? Call the helpline and we’ll match you with someone who is a good match for you. Click to read more…