Greater Boston PFLAG Support Groups

Our support groups are safe and welcoming spaces where you can meet with other community members with LGBTQ+ people in their lives, including families whose children have come out to them, friends and significant others, or those who are interested in learning how to become a better ally to LGBTQ+ people. These groups meet once or twice a month, are run by trained volunteers, most of whom are parents, and are filled with people who can offer support, answer questions, and link you to resources. These meetings are free of charge to attend and all information you share is confidential.

Link to our support group flyer:

Affinity Groups

Group Name
Meeting Time
Contact Info

BIPOC Caregivers

4th Tuesday, 7:00pm

This group welcomes all parents & caregivers who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or as a person of color (BIPOC), and is led by trained facilitators who are members of the BIPOC community. Meets virtually.

Transfeminine/ Nonbinary

2nd Saturday, 9:00am

Transfeminine: Anyone, binary or nonbinary, who was assigned male at birth and has a predominantly feminine gender identity or presentation, partially identifies as feminine, and/or identifies as feminine at least some of the time, and is not limited to those who use she/her pronouns. Meets virtually.

Mom’s Coffee Hour

4th Saturday, 9:15am

Meets virtually.


4th Saturday, 9:00am

Focuses on topics most relevant to parents/caregivers of young and elementary-age children. Meets virtually.


3rd Tuesday, 6:30pm

Focuses on topics most relevant to youth and those around them as they look ahead towards adolescence and as youth are near or in puberty. Meets virtually.


1st Thursday, 7:00 pm

For grandparents & seniors trying to grapple with the issues that their LGBTQ+ grandchild may face at any age. Meets virtually.

JCC group

3rd Monday, 8:00 pm

The goal is to create a safe, welcoming and affirming space within the Jewish community for parents and caregivers to navigate their family’s identity development and to support one another. PFLAG-trained parent facilitators who can offer support and link you to resources run this group. These confidential meetings are free of charge for parents/caregivers. Meets virtually.

Regional Groups

Group Name
Meeting Time
Contact Info


2nd Tuesday, 7:00pm

Primarily serves parents of trans kids. Alternates meeting virtually and in-person.


3rd Sunday, 7:00pm

Primarily serves seniors.


1st Monday, 7:30pm

Primarily serves parents of trans kids. Meets virtually.

Essex/Cape Ann

1st Tuesday, 7:00pm

info to come


2nd Wednesday, 6:30pm

info to come


2nd Thursday, 7:00pm


4th Monday, 7:00pm


1st Wednesday, 6:30pm


4th Wednesday, 6:30pm

South Shore/Duxbury

4th Monday, 7:00pm


1st and 3rd Saturdays, 9:00am

Primarily serves parents of trans kids.

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