Call Me Max

by Kyle Lukoff

About this series: Jules (they/he) reads a lot of LGBTQ+ books in their spare time and is telling us about a few of their favorite ones for kids. There aren’t many LGBTQ+ early reader books, so huge thanks to LGBTQ Reads for suggesting this one!

Age range: Early Reader/Early Elementary

Synopsis: Max is a little trans boy just starting school. The book depicts his experience as he starts school and starts to explain to his friends and family that he feels like a boy on the inside.

What I love about this book: I love that the book doesn’t rely on gender stereotypes: girls can climb trees and boys can wear dresses. Max feeling like a boy is enough of a reason for him to be a boy. I also love that, although Max gets some teasing at school, his family and friends are supportive of him.

What kids will love about this book: It’s hugely affirming to see your experience depicted in a book (or in other media)! And GBPFLAG members’ kids will especially appreciate that Max’s parents attend a support group, just like theirs do!

Where to get the book: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Minuteman Libraries