GBPFLAG’s Statement Regarding the Attack on the Capitol on January 6th

January 7, 2021, Boston, MA —We at GBPFLAG are horrified and disgusted by the actions of the domestic terrorists at the Capitol on January 6th who invaded government buildings with the intent to prevent the ratification of the electoral college results and the election of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States of America. The very foundation of our democratic government rests on the peaceful transition of power through a vote representing the will of the people. This outburst of violence was specifically intended to disrupt that transition and is fully rooted in denial of reality and white supremacy.   

As horrifying as this is, it is a harsh truth that this is the latest in the series of events over the course of Trump’s presidency resulting from long-established systems of violence and white supremacy and encouraged by Trump himself. There is a stark contrast in how protesters are treated based on their race and their alignment with the establishment which has been highlighted over the past four years, especially these past six months. The Black Lives Matter protests have been consistently and persistently attacked with excessive violence and condemned as thugs and criminals, simply for exercising their Constitutional right to protest and advocate for their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In contrast, there has been tolerance, passive acceptance, and even supportive statements in relation to events instigated by individuals aligning with the administration’s beliefs and ideals, even as they crossed lines into hatred and violence, which is an aberration of justice. Although numerous, examples include President Trump’s quote after the Charlottesville white supremacy rally dismissing instigators of violence as there being ‘very fine people on both sides’, actions of the Boston Police during the so-called ‘Straight Pride’ march in Boston in 2019 which violently attacked counter-protestors, and the passive tolerance of armed anti-mask protests invading Michigan state house earlier this year. This tolerance and approval has culminated in yesterday’s coup attempt whose only intent was to undermine the fundamental basis of government, to which President Trump responded not with condemnation or force but by stating “I know your pain. I know you’re hurt. But you have to go home now.”

We cannot accept this as normal and must not tolerate it in any form. As scary as this moment is, we as individuals and as a community can dismantle the systems of oppression that make this possible. Advocate and take action and continue to call for a peaceful transition of power.

In the coming days and months, take the time and space to care for yourself and each other.

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