Rally at the Massachusetts State House

As a national organization, PFLAG’s roots are in activism and advocacy, starting nearly 50 years ago with one mom in New York who took to the streets with a homemade sign, advocating for equality and justice for her gay child.

Greater Boston PFLAG is proud of our own long history of state and local advocacy. We continue to build on that legacy, working to achieve LGBTQ+ equality by changing hearts, minds, and laws at the local level, at the city and state level, and supporting PFLAG National’s efforts at the federal level to effect critical and long-overdue change.

We advocate on behalf of our members and do our best to reflect their values in our priorities and empower their capacity to take action through our work. Four primary areas of our advocacy work are: LGBTQ+ Equality, Community Justice, LGBTQ+ Kids & Families, and LGBTQ+ Health. 

Please email us at to share information about current advocacy efforts, legislation, and other local events that matter to you or if you are interested in partnering in our work.

Our Current Legislative Efforts

Gender Neutral Identification/Gender Marker ‘X’ (H.3126)

 This bill would give Massachusetts residents the ability to choose an ‘X’ gender marker on all state ID documents and forms (as opposed to being limited to ‘M’ or ‘F’). The bill represents a step forward in ensuring that everyone has access to documentation and IDs that accurately reflect their authentic gender identity. Learn more about why this legislation is so critical and how you can make a HUGE difference in five minutes or less!

The Massachusetts Parentage Act (S. 1133/H.1714)

 The MA Parentage Act (MPA) updates our state laws so that it protects all children, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Among other important protections, the MPA provides clarity on how to establish parentage for children born through assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and to same-sex parents who aren’t married, all critical protections for LGBTQ+ families in our communities. As part of our support, we are part of the Parentage Act Coalition. Learn more about the Massachusetts Parentage Act and what you can do.

We continue our other advocacy efforts and will keep our community informed about updates and other opportunities to get involved through our social media and monthly newsletters! 

Please contact us at with coalition and advocacy partnership opportunities and interest.

National Advocacy

Visit PFLAG National’s website to learn more about the national legislation we and the other 400+ PFLAG chapters across the United States are fighting for–and pushing against–alongside our LGBTQ+ loved ones and their families. Together, united, we can effect change. What happens in states across the country affects us all – in order to attend college, take jobs, travel, visit family, to safely play sports at home and out of state, and attend events and more.