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Budget and Development Administrator

The Budget and Development Administrator of Greater Boston PFLAG maintains accurate and timely accounting and development records; assures the smooth operations of a busy office and various non-programmatic events; and serves as a resource for people accessing information from the organization.  The core duties are outlined below.


·         Assist with the processing of A/R, A/P, and revenue.

·         Record revenue into SalesForce database.

·         Prepare weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly Payroll, as appropriate, and maintain all necessary records in a secure area to support payment amounts and hours through Intuit Pro.

·        Maintain accurate records of accrued time for applicable employees.

·        Generate 1099’s for all applicable persons on a timely basis.

·         Create and submit in a timely fashion the financial reports using QuickBooks Online.  This includes, but is not limited to, YTD Balance Sheet, YTD Income Statement, and Comparison of YTD Income Statement and YTD Budget.

·         Provide Board Treasurer with documents required for the Treasurer’s Quarterly Checklist for Financial Controls.

·         Create and maintain all documentation necessary for the annual review and Form PC and Form 990 prepared by our outside accounting firm.  This includes, but is not limited to: Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, List of Donors over a certain dollar amount, Detailed Reports on Fundraising Income and Expenses, and all supporting documentation, as required.  Assure that information is provided timely in order to minimize fees and to minimize or eliminate the need for tax filing extensions.

·         Prepare reports and dues for National PFLAG.

·         Provide information for Finance Committee Meetings, as requested by the Treasurer, on an ad hoc basis.

·         Create and maintain documentation on all aspects of the accounting function.

·         Assist in Fiscal Year Audit as necessary with certified accountant (CPA).

·         Complete Workers Comp audit yearly, as well as prepare all necessary payments and filings for insurance companies as needed.

·         Overseeing the work done on a semi-monthly basis by part-time book keeper.



Annual Fundraiser (Pride & Passion)

-          Work with event planning company to help coordinate all actions of the Fundraising Committee prior to Pride & Passion (P&P).

-          Work in conjunction with event planners to coordinate all Live and Silent Auction items for P&P. This includes all bid sheets, slides, and the entire presentation of the silent auction on the day of the event (done with the help of volunteer parent).

-          Assist event planners in the coordination of volunteers for the day of the event.

-          Solicit and gather items for raffle baskets, create and display raffle baskets (TBC).

-          Assist in the training of volunteers on the day of the event as well as staff the event in various capacities (i.e. Credit card payment processing, auction spotting, raffle coordination, table and seat arrangement updates, guest assistance).

-          Assist in set up and clean up the day of the event.

-          Process and reconcile all auction and fund-a-need donations through the Greater Giving Event Software Suite system directly following the event.

-          Transfer all P&P related information into SalesForce.


Other Development

-          Assist in the coordination and completion of all solicitation/ask letters.

-          Assist in the foundation/grant submission process.

-          Assist in the coordination of smaller fundraiser and appreciation events.

-          Create and manage online development projects (i.e. Social media asks, #givingtuesday, crowdfunding, marathon donations, UpCyling, etc.)


Administration: Programming

·         Create and submit timely invoices after engagements.  Maintain an electronic or paper copy of the invoice and the submission date.  Update the Accounts Receivable records with all invoices.

·         Maintain a record of uncollectible accounts receivable and assure that this information is readily available should the party attempt to book a future engagement.  Consult with the Program Manager before a party in arrears attempts to book a future engagement and have a plan for prompt payment of the future fee and, possibly, the prior delinquent account.

·         Pay all youth speakers with the assistance of the Program Manager.

·         Pull programming stats as needed for development needs and presentations.

·         Maintain and update all printed and online resources for programming, help line, and support groups as well as assisting in the creation of new printed materials (i.e. flyers, pamphlets, resource materials).

·         Coordinate with event sponsors to get engagement details.


Administration: Database Management

·         Maintain accurate, complete, and timely information on all donors.  Update information received from the President, Program Manager, Board Members, USPS, and internet data searches to assure the most accurate data possible.

·         Create a monthly report of new donors for circulation to the Board of Directors.  The Board will identify individuals for whom they should be contacts; new primary contact information should be kept up to date.

·         Support fundraising data and donor information for Pride & Passion.

·         Create thank you letters from database as required.

·         Create and maintain documentation on all aspects of database record creation and maintenance related to SalesForce.  These notes should include: instructions on running regularly generated reports, instructions on maintaining updates to the SalesForce system, lists of contacts at SalesForce and other information that is necessary for maintaining the database.

·         Participate in SalesForce training as appropriate.

·         Continue to look for new ways to improve the Salesforce Database platform to better fit the growing needs of the organization, i.e. volunteer management.

·         Upkeep and manage Greater Giving Auction Management Database.


Administration: Office Management

·          Maintain the orderly administration of the office, as agreed upon with the President and Program Manager.  This includes but is not limited to:

·        Answering phone calls to Greater Boston PFLAG and assuring callers are connected to the appropriate party or that messages are delivered in a timely manner.

·        Maintaining par level supplies to support the smooth functioning of the office. 

·         Researching potential vendors for supplies or services.

·        Entering orders for approved purchases of supplies or services.

·         Maintaining permanent files of all contracts, policies, employment and consultant agreements, and other agreements entered into by Greater Boston PFLAG.

·         Develop and maintain systems and procedures manuals/documentation for office management, accounting, database management, donor management.

·         Manage Human Resource (HR)-related tasks, including:

·        Payroll

·        Tracking staff’s time-off/sick days

·        Maintaining accurate personnel files

·        Helping process new hire/contractor materials

·         Processing paperwork for Health Insurance/Workers Comp/etc.

·         Assist/train others with any reasonable technological needs of office, board, volunteers and staff.

·         Assist President and Program Manager as needed with scheduling, travel arrangements, etc.

·         Ensure that the office environment is maintained and clean.

Administration: Special Projects

·         Provide support to the President and Program Manager for special presentations, events, and fundraisers, as prioritized.

·         Provide technological and development support to all initiatives of GBPFLAG (ie. TAP).

Administration: Board of Directors

·         Ensure that meeting minutes are filed and uploaded to Google Docs.

·         Develop and update Board Manual.

·         Prepare Board recruitment materials.

·         Attend Board of Directors meetings and provide administrative support as needed.


Administration: Communications and Technology

·         Maintain website and ensure it is updated no less than weekly with timely information.

·         Assist with the layout and production of quarterly newsletter.

·         Administer Constant Contact communications.

·         Provide staff support to Communications and Technology Committee. Maintain a file of media/press coverage.

·         Manage and maintain the gbpflag.org email account through Gmail platform.

·         Manage cloud-based services (currently using Google Drive platform)


Skills required for this position include

-          Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite;

-          A strong familiarity with Excel, including graphics, de-duping, building spreadsheets, generating reports, etc. is critical.;

-          Ability to create an accurate mail merge through Microsoft Word;

-          Experience in budget monitoring systems;

-          Working knowledge of QuickBooks Accounting Software Online, QuickBooks Payroll, and Paypal (preferred);

-          Working knowledge of SalesForce (or other SQL databases) and ability to generate reports;

-          Working knowledge of Greater Giving Event Suite Software (preferred);

-          Ability to work with the general public in a way that sets people at ease and strengthens the reputation of Greater Boston PFLAG.

We are always looking for volunteers and Board members.  Please feel free to let us know of your interest:
Please email a cover letter and resume to jobs@gbpflag.org.

Greater Boston PFLAG is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer and encourages applications from all qualified individuals, without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability or national origin.