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"Love Won Out" Movement

Greater Boston PFLAG's position on supporting, accepting and affirming GLBT youth is:

  • All youth deserve love, respect, a fair chance and the tools they need to stay safe and healthy;
  • Due to discrimination and stigma, LGBT youth are at great risk for being harassed and isolated;
  • LGBT youth can be safe and healthy if we:
    • Stop anti-gay harassment, bullying and name-calling when we witness it;
    • Ensure that LGBT youth have access to science-based health information and equal educational opportunities;
    • Actively express support for LGBT youth, and gay and lesbian families.

While Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conferences preach that homosexuality is curable through counseling and "the power of God's love," Greater Boston PFLAG believes that the so called "Love Won Out" approach endangers the well-being of young people.

The methods and tactics used in these programs have been universally debunked as dangerous for youth, whether they are LGBT, questioning, or straight.