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KarLill is a transgender high school student. His GSA advisor contacted Greater Boston PFLAG to ask if he could attend our speaker training and asked if there was a way to provide transportation for him. He had never before in his life met a transman.  We knew that a transman was going to be participating in the training. Our own Pam Garramone wholeheartedly said, “Yes, we will find a way to get KarLill to the training.” ...
We did and it changed his life.
Below is the incredibly moving poem that KarLill shared at the end of the training. Your gift today allows us to continue to help lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth and their parents find their voice and provide the programs and services that are needed.  Please do what you can to help make it better now. Click here to make your voice heard:
KarLill’s Poem
I stand in front of the mirror and as I observe and analyze my own eyes, I come to my senses and I suddenly realize,
I am staring not at a face but in its place I am greeted by a gentle soul and inspiring mind,
Yet I am put together like a puzzle that came equipped with all the wrong pieces,
When it is linked as one, people fail to recognize its beauty,
You refuse to tolerate who I am,
A man, a gentleman born encased in the wrong body,
People say it’s what I want, its’ my lifestyle,
Quite honestly I hate being transgender,
Every morning that I wake up its like torture to myself,
Society does not seem to care that their ignorance causes me to inflict pain upon myself,
Yet when I cause bodily harm and cut my arm I am hurting more than myself,
Because for every scarlet teardrop that shatters on the floor like the silence of the pin
 my mom cries,
She wants to save her sun, S-U-N because I have always provided light,
The child who promised her my shine would get us out of this life,
She wants me to be happy and accepted by society,
Grown tired and heartbroken from all the tears I cried,
Watched me all night, when I tried to end my life,
I can never get a female pregnant,
I will never be understood,
So I have turned to anger and isolation
“Is that a guy or a girl?”
“Hey buddy.”
“Thank-you Sir.”
“What is that?”
“You’re nasty. It’s not cute. It’s a girl.”
Why is my body your concern?
Why must you alienate me?
Knives and razor blades accepted me,
Drug abuse consumed and relaxed me,
Imagine being trapped in someone else’s body,
You forever caged with no way to escape,
You try to say who you are and no one believes you,
Treated like a demon that’s possessing some ones’body every day is like an exorcism,
I am constantly burned because I am misunderstood and neglected by communities,
In other countries on other continents I am stoned to death,
I am abandoned by families,
Beat up and killed in hate crimes,
I speak for my Aunt Nino of Italian descent, who killed herself for not being born in a female’s body,
I speak for myself because those words need to be heard,
Since when is your body a portal for who you are,
I am the person I am today because the body I was born in,
One wrong chromosome and society treats me with disgust and ignorance,
The same way AIDS patients are treated,
You fear me,
Yet I fear you,
For every shred of tolerance you lack,
I suffer, I cut, I bite, I burn, I pinch and I beat the body, in which I am trapped,
For every demeaning statement of my character,
I wish I was never born,
The same way my friends cannot help being Hispanic,
I cannot help being born transgender,
I was born this way …
A transgender who self mutilates can now be reversed and rethought,
Now think of a Hispanic harming themselves because they were born Hispanic,
Should society anger you to the point where you cut even if that was how you were born?
Or cut because you were born into the body of a strangers,
To mutilate because you try to say who you are and no one is courageous enough to believe you,
And no one takes the time to truly understand,
The conflict of a transgender person.
By: KarLill Titone


KarLill Titone


“Being a high school student who is transgender FTM is very difficult. I find myself dealing with conflict, close-mindedness and ignorance on a daily basis. Being a trans individual, I decided people need to know it’s not a lifestyle and I am also normal. The best person to speak about being transgender is myself. That's what really pushed me to attend the training. The best part of the day definitely had to be just me being privileged to hear such heartfelt stories. Every story is different and the training definitely proved it. The support from the other speakers and all of the love, strong individuals who told me I inspired them. It was phenomenal."

"Meeting another transman meant the world to me. I finally felt safe and encouraged. Although very different since I classify as a straight transman and him as gay, it was reassuring that I am not alone. I know there are a lot of parents dealing with these issues with their children. The training has changed me to better understand as well as have patience when my mom refers to me as she/her. As a result of the training I will speak more passionately. I will not be afraid to use my voice.”