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Greater Boston PFLAG
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Waltham, MA

Tel: 781-891-5966
Fax: 781-891-7444
Helpline: 866-427-3524

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Educational films that can be ordered at www.newday.com:

Daddy & Papa. A story of gay fathers in America.

It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School. The inspiring Landmark Film on preventing anti-gay prejudice among kids. 1996
It's Still Elementary. A new call to action about addressing LGBT issues in schools.

Laramie Inside Out. Inspiring story of community activism in Matthew Shepard's college town.

Let's Get Real. A powerful tool to open up dialogue about name calling, bullying, and prejudice.

No Dumb Questions. Funny, touching exploration of gender and difference through the eyes of children.

Out at Work. Can you be fired because of who you sleep with?

Straight Laced - How Genders Got us All Tied Up!

That's a Family. What children have to say about the changing shape of American families.


Popular films available at video stores, your local library, or at online vendors:

A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story.  The true story of a young transgender teen and his self discovery of living life as a woman. 2006
And the Band Played On.
Based on journalist Randy Shilts' controversial tome detailing the emergence of AIDS in America. 1993
Anyone and Everyone. A documentary
featuring parents across the U.S. who have a son or daughter who is gay. 2008
Berlin homosexual is caught up in the Nazi hysteria during World War II. 1997
Brokeback Mountain.
While working together near Wyoming's Brokeback Mountain in 1963, two sheepherders begin an increasingly passionate affair. 2005
Longtime Companion.
The lives of a group of gay men in 1980s New York City are changed by the puzzling new "gay cancer." 1990
Ma Vie En Rose.
Convinced he's a girl trapped in a boy's body, 7-year-old Ludovic expresses his true self. 1997
Milk. A
fact-based drama about Harvey Milk, the openly gay activist and San Francisco politician who was murdered with Mayor George Moscone. 2008

Rent. Based on Puccini's opera "La boheme," the story follows a group of bohemians who face true love, broken hearts, drug addiction, and AIDS -- and paying rent to high-powered oppressors. 2005
Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story.
Facing discharge proceedings as a result of admitting her homosexuality, Army Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer risks everything to fight for her legal rights against the U.S. military's discriminatory policy. 1995

The Celluloid Closet. An examination of more than 100 Hollywood movies to chart the cinematic journey of lesbian and gay characters. 1995
The Laramie Project. A
theatrical portrayal of reactions to the Matthew Shepard story--a 1998 murder that took place in Laramie, Wyoming--that became a lightning rod for rallies against homophobia and hate crimes. 2002
Bree gets the shock of her life a week before her final sex change surgery when she discovers a son she didn't know she had. 2005


The Newburyport Screening Room hosted a sold out fundraiser for Greater Boston PFLAG featuring the film “Milk.”